Christophe Godin

Kartoon Guitar Clinic

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Level: Intermediate and advanced
Language: English
Registration fee:

EUR 240,–
EUR 150,– for young people till 18 years

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Christophe Godin plays many styles of music on the guitar, including heavy metal, jazz fusion, blues and more. The Frenchman has toured with Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal, Mattias Eklundh, Paul Gilbert, Frank Gambale and Jennifer Batten. He plays in several bands, including MÖRGLBL, 2G, Metal Kartoon and Gnô.

Christophe Godin is known for his humor, but stands out above all by his virtuosity, energetic shows and flashy appearance. These properties must be seen live. In his concerts he plays such as the Jimi Hendrix classic 'Little Wing', but he plays the chords not the way they are played usual, but the arpeggio's version of this, as he sings all the time about it!


Level: Intermediate and advanced
[basic knowledge in triads and pentatonic scales]

What to bring?
electric guitar, small amp
writing materials

Language: English

This wokshop is about rock, blues rock and jazz. It's all about one thing: fast and loud music. Count your fingers: you might grow an extra one by the end of the week!

Are you ready to look at your guitar in a different way? To step out of the box and take the time to reeducate yourself and get tortured with a smile?

Then, you might be ready for a kartoon guitar clinic with Christophe Godin!!!
We'll take a look at all the modern guitar techniques such as sweeping, alternate, hybrid picking, slap and more!

All you need is an open mind, a little bit of a sense of humour, and the basic knowledge in triads, and pentatonic scales, and the will to practice, practice and practice!


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