Ivan Rougny

Mörglblize your bass line

Workshop occupancy:
Fully booked!

Level: beginners and advanced
Language: English

Registration fee:
EUR 240,–
EUR 150,– for young people till 18 years

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Born in France in 1970, Ivan started playing bass when he was 16. Self-taught person, he was at the beginning heavily influenced by British pop and funk music from the 70's. Then he discovered and listened a lot of bass players like Marcus Miller, Mark King (Level 42), Alain Caron (Uzeb), Gary Willis, Pino Palladino, Tony Levin (King Krimson), Michel Alibo (Sixun) and many others... He made many tours and recorded with many bands. In 1996 he started to play with Christophe Godin (Guitar) and Aurèlien Ouzoulias (Drum) in the band Mörglbl (Jazz/Metal). The sixth album of the band will be presented at the Guitar Festival Schorndorf 2015.

He is also the bass player of Christophe Godin for his solo project 'Metal Kartoon', Yasmine Tamara (Pop Singer),Jeremy Tordjman (Funk/Afro jazz guitar player), Kara (Singer from Senegal), Charlie Morris Band (Blues /USA) and Spencer Bohren (Blues/USA). in 2014 he released his first solo album 'Nervous Breakdown'.

He is teacher at ETM school in Geneva and gives also numerous master classes. He works regulary with several recording studios.


Level: Beginners and advanced

What to bring?
E-Bass, small amp

Workshop-Language: English

The 'goal' of this week is to give you the work material to advance your bass techniques, to acquire a good coordination of the two hands, work on the harmonic progressions and incorporate chords in your bass playing. And to keep the groove!

1. Technical exercises, coordination of the two hands.
(Fingers playing/ ghost notes / Slap / Tapping...)
2. Working around scales, arpeggios, and chords progression. (walking bass/ chords)
3. Incorporate chords in your bass lines.


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