Marko Jovanovic


Workshop occupancy:
places available

Level: Beginners to advanced
Language: Deutsch

Registration fee:
EUR 240,–
EUR 150,– for young people till 18 years

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Marko Jovanovic, born with Serbian roots in Munich in 1978, was already on stage by the time he was 15 years old. After traveling extensively through West Africa, Spain and Serbia, Marko decided to move to Berlin in 1999 and soon found many of his musical partners and a new home. In 2001 he began a six-year collaboration with the ‚Lars Vegas & The Love Gloves‘ blues band and during this period he gathered international festival and tour experience. In 2007 he met Blues Rudy and they quickly became friends and partners. They have worked together as a duo for more than 4 years. At the same time Marko founded the band ‚Little Sam Lud‘ together with the American guitarist Ryan Donohue. In 2011, following an invitation from the Saharan singer Mariam Hassan, they toured in the Western Sahara and Spain. In 2012 Marko began a very fruitful collaboration with guitarist Branko Galoic and fulfilled a long-standing dream to combine traditional Balkan music with the blues.

Audiences are frequently unfamiliar with the special qualities and versatility of the harmonica until they‘ve heard Marko Jovanovic perform. He touches their hearts and seduces them at the same time with his convincing stage presence and his subtle, modest nature. It all seems completely natural, shaped by a musical understanding which occasionally calls for sweet melodies, breathy sounds or sheer energy. Marko Jovanovic playfully unifies all of these, sometimes leaving his audience rubbing their eyes and ears in utter amazement.


Level: Beginners to advanced
You should be able to play single notes safe
and have a basic knowledge of bending.

What to bring?
Harmonica in the
key of C and A

Workshop-Language: German

The main focus of the workshop is on the use of the harmonica and its musical context. In addition to an initial presentation and introduction of the basic playing techniques, Marko wants to show the interplay with other instruments, such as guitar. He demonstrates every topic with concrete examples. Throughout the week, groups will be formed which are working on specific songs and their technical and musical challenges together with Marko.

The free play / improvisation is explained by Marko and practiced in the group. Marko also shows up in playing techniques, with which you can make your sound more expressive. That you may have fun at practicing in the future , Marko gives an insight into specific technical exercises and shows how a realistic exercise plan might look like.


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