Peppino d'Agostino

Steel String Fingerstyle

Workshop occupancy:
places available

Level: Intermediate and advanced
Registration fee:

EUR 240,–
EUR 150,– for young people till 18 years

A native of Italy, Peppino d’Agostino has made his considerable international mark as a musical artist on the guitar since he arrived in America in the late 1980s. A hot ticket live performer in North and South America and Europe, he charms audiences with performances that are captivating and full-blooded musical experiences.

Peppino d’Agostino composes, arranges, collaborates, improvises and has even been known to sing a song here and there in both English and Italian. But what he does create on the guitar makes the difference between simply playing and truly making music apparent in the most wonderful ways. In his playing and writing one feels his heart, spirit, soul and essence as well as your own. In addition to his “technical prowess”, he displays a stunning stylistic range in his work that spans classical to pop music and incorporates a spectrum of folk, ethnic and world styles.

D’Agostino has been hailed as “a guitarist’s guitarist” by Acoustic Guitar magazine as well as “a giant of the acoustic guitar” (San Diego Reader), and holds many top guitar awards.


Level: Intermediate and advanced

What to bring?
Own intrument, writing materials, if possible recorder

Workshop-Language: English

Part 1 - Learning to add personal touch to song arrangements
Peppino will teach with musical examples and original arrangements different musical styles, techniques and rhythms from various cultures. The following sound effects will be explained in detail:
•    string bending
•    percussive techniques and melodies
•    slide techniques
•    bent harmonics

Part 2 - Composing and learning from Peppinos compositions
The challenges in composing for steel string guitar are multiple and difficult to overcome. The general tendency is to either relax into predictable and boring musical grounds or to showcase useless display of speed.
In this course the steel string guitar will be approached as an orchestra with infinite possibilities.
Specific focus will be around:
•    Classical techniques on Steel Strings
•    Choosing the most suitable fingering
•    Open Tunings
•    Italian traditional
•    Looking for inspiration


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