Peter Crow C.

Acoustic Blues Guitar

Workshop occupancy:
Fully booked!

Level: beginners and advanced
Language: German

Registration fee:
EUR 240,–
EUR 150,– for young people till 18 years

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Munich guitarist, harp player and singer Peter Crow C. has dedicated his entire life, body and soul to the black American music of the 1920s-1940s period. Specialising in the different Blues styles of this period – from delta Blues all the way to early urban Blues – he is just as much at home with other closely related styles like ragtime and jug music.

Peter Crow C. enjoys an excellent reputation within the international Blues scene, thanks to his consistent style, the perfectionist attitude he app lies to his musical technique and the vast experience he garnered through performing hundreds of live shows around the world. A skilful guitar player, Peter Crow C. expresses himself through authentic, no-frills vocals and does not limit himself to perpetuating traditional material. His refreshingly resourceful interpretations of the old styles allow him to go one step further and lay bare to his audience the underlying beauty of the Blues: groove and emotion.

Very well-respected by other artists in his circle, he has shared the applause on stage with renowned artists like Paul Orta, Steve James, Paul Geremia and Jim Kweskin, and received the numerous national and international awards.


Level: Beginners and advanced

What to bring?
Own instruments, optionally Slide and Capo. You can use recorders.

Workshop-Language: German

In his workshop, Peter C. Crow deals with the numerous varieties of fingerstyle blues. From Mississippi John Hurt to Blind Blake to Robert Johnson, from ragtime to Mississippi blues. He also shows a variety shuffle and boogie grooves that enable you to accompany harmonica player and other guitarists.

Peter shows various techniques and tricks of the slide guitar in open tunings.

Each participant will be discussed individually, everyone is welcome, whether beginner or expert. It would be helpful if you can read tablature, you can use Recording equipment.


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