Wolfgang Schmid


Workshop occupancy:
No more guitar/bass players!

Level: For beginners and advanced
Language: German

Registration fee:
EUR 240,–
EUR 150,– for young people till 18 years

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Wolfgang Schmid is one of the most famous, successful and influential bass players of Europe. The musician who also participated as a producer, composer and musical director on 400 albums so far, was the bass player in the legendary ARD series "Superdrumming". In 1996 he founded the band Paradox with the drummer Billy Cobham. He is a founding member of Klaus Doldingers legendary jazz-rock group Passport (since 2001 Passport Classic). This was followed by his own bands, such Wolfhound, Head, Heart & Hands and for several years the top-class casts of Kick. The furious play and its stylistic diversity brought him several international awards, worldwide tours and performances at many festivals.

Wolfgang Schmid teaches electric bass at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Stuttgart. in addition to that he is the director of the Jazz and Pop ensemble. For 25 years he has been a teacher at the Guitar Festival Schorndorf.


Level: For beginners and advanced

What to bring?
Own intruments, training amps

Language: German

Let's make a band!
Each instrument is welcome. Wolfgang is not only a great musician, but also a lovable and committed educator who picks up each student there where he stands. He takes all on an exciting and entertaining journey into the world of grooves, jazz and music in general. "Classics" will be reworked - from Bebop to Hip Hop, Soul & Funk to Hard & Heavy.

Current Status
No more guitarists and bassists! The band needs drummers, pianists / keyboardists, wind instruments (sax / trumpet / trombone), percussionists and singers.


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