Gitarrentage 2014

Carl Verheyen

The Schorndorf Gitarrentage is a completely unique event where the staff, the faculty and students all came together as one big family to exchange knowledge about the all encompassing world of guitar. Many styles of music are represented and the teachers learn as much as the students. I've never seen such a magical environment for learning, where egos are dropped and openminded people are eager to learn. Schorndorf is that magical place!

Carl Verheyen


Stuart Hamm

Howdy all...just getting around to finally telling you all what a blast it was...






Christina Lux

Es war wunderbar all den so verschiedenen Musiker zu begegnen und zu beobachten, wie die Teilnehmer aufgeblüht sind und neue Wege zur Musik gefunden haben. Danke für die feine Energie, die offenen Ohren und Herzen und die liebevolle Organisation.





Vicki Genfan

Hello Everyone from New Jersey!

I'm still thinking about all of you and how great it was to meet and spend some time with you. To Miri, Alexa and the organizers - you all did an AMAZING job of keeping us happy and keeping the fires out!! THANK YOU!! I look forward to having the chance to meet and play music together again!!

Peace and Love and Stay Tuned,


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