Karim Baggili

Acoustic World Music

Karim Baggili, Belgier mit jordanisch-jugoslawischen Wurzeln ist Komponist, Autodidakt auf der Gitarre und Oud-Spieler. Er tritt regelmäßig in Belgien und im Ausland auf. Daneben arbeitet er an zahlreichen Projekten als Komponist oder Arrangeur für Musikalben, Dokus, Kurzfilme und Soundtracks.

Nachdem seine letzten vier Alben "Douar", "Cuatro con Cuatro", "Lea & Kash" und "Kali City" bei veröffentlicht wurden, erschienen seine neuesten Alben "Apollo You Sixteen" und dessen Fortsetzung "Apollo You Sixteen Part II" unter dem Label "Take The Bus".


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Intermediate & Advanced

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Intermediate & Advanced
Mitzubringen sind:
Akustikgitarre (am besten Konzertgitarre oder Westerngitarre)

This course will teach you to improve many different techniques inspired by the flamenco guitar focusing on various right-hand arpeggios. This particular technique is one of Karim's favorites since lots of his compositions use it. It gives so many possibilities like bass lines, harmony, or melody.

Those who wish to work harder will be able to. Two complete pieces will be taken apart and learned step by step: Dulcinea (Bulerías rhythm) & Apollo You Sixteen (Tango).

Other techniques such as the thumb, Picado, and the fast and fluid tremolo are on the program as well.

Karim will start by focusing on getting a good hand position, then you will dive into many exercises because improving your playing is only a matter of practicing.  

Karim will also talk about composing with the guitar and how to start an idea that might become a masterpiece on guitar.  

He looks forward to making music and interacting with all of you!