Kulturforum Schorndorf

The Kulturforum Schorndorf organizes the GUITAR FESTIVAL SCHORNDORF since 1990.

The volunteer project group of the festival consists of music-loving people, mostly guitarists who contribute their knowledge in various styles of guitar music in the festival planning. They propose the teachers of the festival. Together with the office they tune the line-up and set the concert program. During the Guitar Festival Schorndorf, the program group engages in the realisation of the festival. This includes activities such as artist management, transport services, and many more. Occasionally the musicians of the progam group lead the open stages.

The members of the program group can participate in the workshops. As a link between the participants, the teachers and the organizers they give a first hand feedback.

Members of the program group are: Valentin Seitz, Stefan Brixel, Joe Saling, Peter Rauleder, Jürgen und Jan Roth, Frank Schünemann, Uli Krack, Joachim Franke und Reinhold Schwenk.

Contact the organizer:

Kulturforum Schorndorf e.V.
Karlstr. 19, 73614 Schorndorf, Germany
Phone: +49 (0) 7181 9927940
E-mail: post(at)kulturforum-schorndorf.de


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