Lydie Fuerte

Flamenco Fusion

Lydie Fuerte began learning the guitar at the age of eight and her teacher, Nicolas Toniutti, introduced her to flamenco, classical and South American guitar. Several courses with guitarists from very diverse backgrounds expanded her musical world, including a Brazilian guitar course with Celso Machado and Cristina Azuma and in particular a jazz improvisation course with Christophe Lartilleux.
During an international guitar course, Roland Dyens advised her to join the Toulouse Music Conservatory.

She got a first prize for classical guitar in 2006. Alway passionate about flamenco, Lydie worked on this guitar playing style with guitarist Vicente Pradal in the same conservatory a few years later. In 2012, she obtained her diploma in traditional music, specialised in Flamenco Guitar.
Throughout these years, she helped to create several ensembles (Elya Trio, Dyade) which would fuel her experience on stage thanks to numerous concerts and even a reward: 2011 she won the annual price of the french magazine « Guitarist Acoustic ».

Today, enriched by her very eclectic career, Lydie devotes herself to her own universe. Strongly influenced by guitarists such as John Mac Laughlin, Pat Metheny, Paco de Lucia, Vicente Amigo and Louis Winsberg, she composes and performs her own pieces. As muse of the famous guitar string brand "Savarez Strings", she will is now on tour with the National Scene of Albi for her new show "Ahora y Siempre".


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Intermediate & Advanced

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Intermediate & Advanced

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It is advisable to bring an acoustic guitar, not a folk or electric guitar


Lydie Fuertes workshops contain the blending of several instrumental techniques and rhythms from which she draws inspiration for her compositions. These are mainly from jazz, classical music and flamenco.

  • You will learn to play an arranged composition of Lydie Fuerte. Each arrangement of her compositions is tailored to the level of the participants
  • Daily left and right hand technical warm-ups to work on specific right hand techniques inspired by flamenco (rasgueados, golpe, different percussions on the guitar, arpeggios)
  • Many tips and technical exercises to improve and adapt your guitar playing
  • Several open tunings created by Lydie      
  • Lydie will also discuss and share her approach and her conception of music, guitar and composition with you and the other participants; this includes her professional environment, her influences, her atypical career during which she was trained by jazz guitarists, Brazilian and Argentinian guitarists, flamenco guitarists and classical guitarists at the Toulouse National Conservatory
  • You will have the possibility to record and film every moment of the workshop